Videos I’ve Made

I love visual storytelling. I primarily use Adobe Premiere CC.

Visit Cannibals: Myth & Reality at the San Diego Museum of Man

In this thoughtful (and gore-free) one-of-a-kind exhibit, you’ll discover that cannibals aren’t who you think they are. They’re warriors from many cultures, European kings and queens, American and European sailors, American colonists, accident survivors, the sick, and more.

larawan: portraits of Filipin@ Identity and Representation

A short documentary about the representation of Filipin@s in American media, and how it, in addition to many other personal factors, influences how many young Filipin@s see themselves and their connection to their culture. ("Larawan": "picture," or "portrait" in Tagalog) Produced for educational purposes.

Winner of Best Documentary at the Spring 2016 UCSD Communication Department Awards

Filmed for UCSD COMM 101K: Documentary Sketchbook, Winter 2016 under the guidance of Professor Zeinabu Davis

Updating the PostSecret Exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man

Check out the process of adding brand new postcards to the San Diego Secrets section of the PostSecret exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man. The Director of Exhibits, Erika Katayama, talks about the process, and how you can send in your own secrets for this section.

PERC Presents: Casino Night - Viva Las Vegas!

Calling all fat cats and high rollers! Join Programming at Eleanor Roosevelt College for a glamorous night in Las Vegas.

I served as sound engineer and video editor for this project.

Filmed by Samantha Andico, Shaira Tuazon, and Katherine Aranda UCSD COMM 101K: Documentary Sketchbook, Winter 2016 under the guidance of Professor Zeinabu Davis


There are many people who work to ensure that all of our guests have a great experience at the Museum of Man -- particularly our Visitor Relations Associates (VRAs). Meet one of the awesome VRs, Marcos, and learn what a day at work is like for him!

San Francisco, march 2018

Personal travel vlog documenting my birthday trip to San Francisco.

Song: Euphoria - BTS